About Me

I am a British Artist but have lived and worked in Dubai for the last 20 years. I have been dabbling with art throughout my life but have always been too preoccupied with my career to take it seriously. I started playing around with a concept I describe as ‘cellular’ art about a decade ago but then life, travel, and work distracted me from experimenting with this concept further. In 2015, by chance I found my thoughts returning to the concept of cellular art. I am now prolifically creating images in this style and currently working daily to build my portfolio. Some of my paintings are in the gallery on this site.

Each painting, for me, is a personal challenge. A draining endeavour which can take two months to complete. Some paintings have more than 40,000 cells of Individually mixed portions of acrylic paint. Each cell of colour is placed with a brush one spot at a time. I can think of few things more satisfying than to slowly coax my subject to life and witness its birth. It truly feels like I leave a little bit of my soul embedded within each of my creations. I am incredibly grateful for the encouragement and positive reviews my work is receiving.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any feedback or questions. Thank you for visiting my site.


Talented Artist

A Talented Artist And A Great Guy To Deal With

Julian Colclough

Fabulous paintings by a very gifted artist

Fabulous paintings by a very gifted artist and what an original style… almost like looking at a digital painting! If you look closely, it’s like pixel peeping on a photograph, but when you step away they all just come together with perfect juxtaposition… and anybody who can capture the soul of a Gorilla in a painting…. well let’s just say that is my personal favourite.

Keith Usher

Art you can really appreciate

Art you can really appreciate and put in your home or office. Sad that someone gets awarded millions for pissing and pooping on an unmade bed when there are genuine artists out there creating beautiful pieces.

James Goodman

You must check this Artist out

You must check this Artist out, his work is original very different delicate & bold, I find his work really spiritual and have never seen anything like it, how does he create depth, shade, light on such delicate fine Art! truly extremely talented Man with an amazing gift.

Elaine Margaret Holland